Physical Education

Hello Freedman Family,

    I hope everyone is doing well! The last marking period grades will be different than normal. Students will be given credit or no credit. With that in mind I have designed some lessons that students at any grade level can do individually or with anyone who they are currently able to be around. Families are encouraged to practice these skills and exercise together. Any student who completes the lessons  and the Check In Form for each lesson will be given credit regardless of how well they perform the skills and tasks in each lesson. There is also a three week fitness challenge that is not mandatory but is fun and can be done for credit as well. All of the links to the PE lessons are posted at the bottom of this page along with a fitness challenge link. There are 4 weeks worth of kicking and volleying lessons posted on this site. All four lessons are due by June 10th. I have posted a corresponding Check In that each student can fill out so that I know they have completed the lessons and can receive credit for the fourth marking period. I will also accept an email from the student or parent/guardian stating a student has completed a or all lessons. My email is [email protected], this email can also be used for any questions or correspondence at this time. I hope to see everyone soon!


Mr. Caron

Physical Education Teacher